Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service

1. Members

1.1. We accept members from all countries. So feel free to join us.

1.2. Any user do not login at least 90 days will be marked as inactive member. And the account will be suspended.

1.3. The inactive account can be active by sendint support ticket to us. But in this case, the account will be reset that means all the balance becomes zero automatically.


2. Payment to user

2.1. All the payment will be made by perfect money, payeer, airtm, bitcoin and webmoney. You can add fund via all those payment gateways but can withdraw only via perfect money and payeer.

2.2. User can request a withdrawn when they reach the amount of minimum payout. The minimum payout amount is $2 for both perfect money and payeer. a fee of 4% of total amount will cuts from your withdrawal amount.

2.3. Perfect money is primary payment processor. That means any member can request payout via perfect money. But in order to withdraw via payeer or airtm, user must be deposits to the following processors. If anyone send request to withdraw money via airtm or payeer without deposits money by this processor, the request will be cancelled automatically and the balance will refunds to his account balance.

2.4. You have to deposit once to receive from us. the minimum deposit amount is $2.

2.5. How much time it will take to process payment request is depends on your activity. Please check it on FAQ page.

2.6. If you are doing mistake to entering the account number, we will not responsible for your mistake. So be careful to entering the right account number and check the account number before send every payment request.


3. Payment to bux4clix

3.1. All payments are non-refundable.

3.2. We only accept payment from Perfect money, payeer, airtm, bitcoin and webmoney. Minimum deposit for all payment methods is $2.

3.3. If someone trying to do something wrong with payment system, the account will be suspended permanently.

3.4. If someone trying to reverse transaction, the account will be suspended permanently and all he will be lost his all balances.


4. Forum

4.1. Any people can access & read our forum.

4.2. Only registered member can post on the forum.

4.3. Any kind of sexism, racism or abusive comments can suspend you from forum to post further.

4.4. All kinds of referral link sharing or sponsored link sharing, coping topics, email address or any other social link sharing & phone or mobile number sharing are prohibited in forum posting.

4.5. Posting payment proof in forum is a must to receive the next payment.

4.6. We have the right to moderate or delete any post which is violated our terms of service.


5. Advertisements

5.1. Each member can earn by viewing each advertisement once every 24 hours.

5.2. Advertisement must be visited by computer with unique internet connection. Viewing advertisement using mobile phone or tab is not granted.

5.3. Member can advertise any type of website or business except nudity, terrorism & gambling.

5.4. The websites with pop-up windows are not eligible for advertisement.

5.5. Any political, sexual, violance related video ads is not accepted.


6. Username

6.1. Users must need a unique username for registration.

6.2. The username of a member who sign up without a referral link in hidden by default.

6.3. The username of a member who sign up by a referral link is shown by default.

6.4. Usernames are not case sensitive. Username must contain valid alphabet & numerical sign. Space is not allows for username.


7. Multiple accounts

7.1. You can register multiple accounts from same IP if you need, but you cannot login multiple account by same IP.

7.1. If someone trying to login more than one account, both accounts will suspended.

7.3. If someone trying this more than one time his/her IP will be blocked permanently.


8. Anti-cheat protection

8.1. We have a strong anti-cheat protection, so don’t try to cheat us.

8.2. If we find such activity on any account, the account will suspended permanently and the IP will be blocked.


9. Referral system

9.1. Direct referral

9.1.1. The number of direct referral depends on your membership. Check it from   “upgrade membership” page.

9.1.2. The username of direct referrals are shown by default.

9.1.2. User can buy/sell direct referral to us.

9.1.2. We are not responsible for inactivity of direct referrals.

9.2. Rent referral

9.2.1. The number of rented referrals depends on your membership. Check it from   “upgrade membership” page.

9.2.2. The username of rentedt referrals are hidden by default.

9.2.3. The cost of rent referrals are varies from its number. Check the rent referral cost here.

10. Legal

10.1. Bux4clix is not a MLM company.

10.2. We have right to moderate the terms of service & users must be accept all the terms.

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